Hotel Nassau Breda is committed to complying with obligations applicable to Hotel Nassau Breda under applicable privacy and data protection laws, including to the extent applicable EU data protection laws. Hotel shall comply with the then-current Marriott Group Global Privacy Statement (the “Privacy Statement,” currently available at http://www.marriott.com/about/privacy.mi with respect to any personal data received.


Without limiting the foregoing obligation, Hotel Nassau Breda has implemented measures designed to: (1) provide notice to individuals about its collection and use of their personal data, including through the Privacy Statement; (2) use such personal data only for legitimate business purposes; (3) provide means by which individuals may request to review, correct, update, suppress, restrict or delete or port their personal data, consistent with applicable law; (4) require any service providers with whom personal data is shared to protect the confidentiality and security of such data; and (5) use technical and organizational measures to protect personal data within its organization against unauthorized or unlawful access, acquisition, use, disclosure, loss, or alteration.

Hotel Nassau Breda will obtain all necessary rights and permissions prior to providing any personal data to third parties, including all rights and permissions required for transfer the personal data to locations both within and outside the point of collection in accordance with Hotel’s privacy statement and applicable law. Notwithstanding any other provision, Hotel Nassau Breda may use an individual’s own personal data to the extent directed by, consented to or requested by such individual.