Sinner Package

Enjoy a heavenly stay in one of our characteristic and luxurious rooms and experience a unique vonkx-experience with The Sinner Box: The Alchemy of Love. The Sinner Box contains an ancient ritual that brings lovers closer together in 7 steps. The box contains 7 items, including a sound track with spoken instructions, which in a special way guides you on your adventure from Lead to Gold.

Experience this unforgettable experience that increases connection and intimacy and sets the love between you on fire!

This package includes:

  • One night in a characteristic luxury room
  •  The Alchemy of Love box in the room
  • Lust-inducing bite and drink in Bar Heiligdom / in the room
  • Extensive breakfast buffet / breakfast box to go

As long as the restaurant is closed due to Covid-19 dinner will be served to the door (knock and drop principle) and you can pick up a breakfast box to go to enjoy in your room. As soon as the restaurant is open again, dinner will be served in restaurant Liefdegesticht and you will enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet.


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