7 Sins Dinner Experience

No one is immune to the temptations of life. From rich flavours to extreme beauty. The authentic elements of the hotel contrast with the luxurious services and facilities, providing an unforgettable visit through the combination of old-world charm and modern indulgence. The nuns ran an orphanage called the Liefdegesticht, thus devotion to serving others was built into the very foundations of this historical building. This package is a real test for you: are you a sinner, or are you a saint.

One thing is sure, you will miss nothing during the roller coaster of emotions. Rich flavours, unexpected twists and finally a relaxing night. If that is what you really want of course.

To lift a tip of the veil, this package, amongst other things, includes:

  • All-in 7 sins dinner in restaurant Liefdegesticht
  • An overnight stay in a characteristic luxury room
  • Extensive breakfast buffet

This experience is, we truly promise, Exactly like nothing else. An experience that you impossibly can forget.